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  • Its very important that you keep your password to your self. Please do not share it (Not even with me) and if you think it is compromised kindly reset it immediately.
  • If you are given contributor permission on TLB then please use it responsibly and try to make the best of it. Submit as many articles you like. However the right of discretion as to whether it will be published will remain with TLB.
  • The major reasons for your articles to not get published are if they are found to be plagiarised, unoriginal, inaccurate, using falsified data, badly written, irrelevant to the topics, blatantly promotional and or in some way absolutely unsuitable for the readers of TLB.
  • All your articles will be submitted for review and published after editing. Usually we try to publish immediately after submission but It may sometimes take up to a week before your article is published.
  • All Registered Contributors get author credits with a custom bio on TLB. For your personal bio to appear under your articles:
    1. Please fill in the bio section by going to Profile>Edit>About Me>Bio
    2. Add Your Contact Information and Social Links. Go to Profile>Edit>Social Links
    3. Add a thumbnail image for your profile. This will appear in the bio. Go to Profile>Change Avatar
  • Do add appropriate tags in your articles. This way you help us file your article properly.
  • If you are not going to use your contributor access then please inform us so that we can close it. If we find your account inactive for a long time then TLB has the right to put your contributor access on hold until further communication.
  • In case your contributor access is put on hold due to inactivity then you can send a mail to and request for reactivation.
  • We have a strict policy against any kind of abuse including racist remarks, pornographic content and violence. If we happen to find anything inappropriate and hurtful then your account can get suspended. So please refrain from such activity and also report if you find anything like that happening on TLB.
  • If we find your account involved in some kind of unethical behaviour and or detrimental to the community of TLB and outside then we are liable to restrict you from using the site in the future without any prior notice. In most likely cases you will receive a warning notice where the parties involved in any kind of conflict will be given a week’s time to resolve the issues. Failure to do so will result in suspension indefinitely.
  • Finally it is my humble request to you that if you ever find anything broken on TLB or if you are having any problems with the site, kindly bring it to our notice and we will fix it.


How to submit article/post on the website?

We are making the process of contribution easier on TLB:

a. Registered Members

  • Log in to user account
  • Go to Sidebar Menu>New Post 
  • Write Title in the title bar and write the article in the body and press submit.
  • Press Submit
  • To edit or delete your posts go to My Posts

Your articles will be reviewed and published by the TLB team. Adding of images and videos is managed by the editing team. If you have any images, infographics, ebooks or videos that you would like to add with the article then kindly send them to with a reference to the title of the article that you have submitted. The editorial team will decide on the use of the suggested images and videos.

b. NON Registered Member

For any concern contact or use the contact us page


Why is registering on the site is recommended?

We at TLB want to acknowledge all our contributors as experts in their field and discipline. We often receive queries, comments, suggestions and remarks from readers about the articles. Author credentials are necessary for us to communicate the information. Moreover, all the contributions are carefully reviewed and edited before being published. Thus it is always preferred that the authors of the posts are given due credits. If you are a registered member on TheLocalBrand the your bio appears as the owner of the post and it is attributed to your user account that is indexed on Google with Authorship rights.


What’s the difference in the two methods?

If you are a registered on the website you will get your own editor dashboard access to TLB. Also your profile will be verified by TLB and all your posts will be attributed to your profile. You will get your own feature box with your image, bio and social links at the bottom of each article you contribute.

If you want to publish your article without registering on TLB, your post will be reviewed and posted on your behalf by our admin. You will get author credits but since you are not signed in, we won’t be able to attribute the post to you. Your bio will appear as a text at the bottom your post.


Why do I need to write a Bio?

Well the answer to that question is really simple. It will help the readers of your post know about you.


What should I write in the Bio?

Please be brief in wording your bio. Make sure that it is about you and not a company or a line of business. It can be in first person or in third person depending on your preference. Kindly provide reference to your area of work, interests and aim. Don’t forget to add links to your Social profiles.



Why can’t I Upload Images?

Media file uploads are by default disabled for all users except for Editors and Admins. This has been done keeping in mind that sometimes we receive malicious attachments. Most times it is difficult to restrict file sizes too and as we have to be economical about out server space, we like to optimize any files before we upload them which includes images. Our editorial team hand-picks the most relevant and eyecatching images to accompany your articles so you can trust us on that. If you think you have a specific image that should be included then please send it as an email attachment. Also please mention the image source.


What if I would like to offer Downloads to readers?

If you have any specific download file such as ebooks, whitepapers, company brochures etc. please let us know separately through an email. Attach all your download files which you need to associate with your article and we’ll set it up for download by readers.


What is the rationale behind Editor’s Rating on the articles?

Editor ratings are decided on a 5 star system where our editor who is reviewing the post assigns certain points to the content based on the depth of information, style and originality. The points are distributed in any primary categories the post is filed under. For instance, if you post an article about food, technology and healthcare, our editors will try to determine how it fares under each category. In case of infographics, the design, statistical information, insights and the analysis matters. Considering that 5/5 is the most perfect rating for a post in any category, our editors will then give it a rating nearest to a similar post. Some factors reduce your rating such as sourced content, lack of citation, repetitive information, self promotional, difficult to read, missing descriptions, lack of statistics or industrial utility etc.


What about the URLs and Backlinks?

Generally we allow any number of URLs with your articles. However we have reservations against links which are directed to irrelevant sources. We do not allow links to personal profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or any other web profiles of a business or individual within the body of the article. Such links can be added in the Author bio as explained earlier. Promotional links to business websites are allowed within the article but we suggest you keep strictly within the relevance and scope of the subject covered in the article. While adding links to other blogs and news websites, kindly link high authority sites only. In some cases where we find an absolute lack of relevance or too blatant self promotion, we may remove the link.

As per Google’s stand on backlinks without rel=”nofollow” tag we are going to update all previous backlinks as per request. If you have submitted an article before and now wish to add rel=”nofollow” tag to the hyperlinks then please inform us. If you are not aware then we should let you know that Google is going to penalize any website which draws backlinks without the nofollow tag as it will be considered as link spamming. For your knowledge, a link with rel=”nofollow” tag is exactly the same but does not contribute to your site’s traffic rank. The visitor traffic from the link might be the same but the search engines will not be able to see that traffic. We recommend you to apply rel=”nofollow” to all external links to your website to avoid being punished by Google. 

Here’s how to add nofollow tag to your links:

<a href="" rel="nofollow">Link text</a>

How do I edit my previous posts?

All the contributors are allowed to edit their previous posts. To do that, you have to make sure that the status of the post that you want to edit is changed to ‘Draft’.

1. Go to All Posts and click on the Quick Edit link under the post that you want to edit.

2. Change the status of the post to ‘Draft’ and click update

3. Edit the post and re-submit


Marketplace Terms

All terms of service related to products and services available through our marketplace are to be found on this link.


If you have any further queries then please click here or tweet us @thelocalbrand and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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